TdB Labs



The laboratories and offices of TdB Labs are situated in Uppsala Business Park on the outskirts of Uppsala and 20 min. from Arlanda airport. The site is a well-guarded area and all passage in and out is controlled.

The laboratories have recently been renovated and are equipped with all necessary services. The Park hosts more than 70 different companies and many provide supporting services for laboratories, for example, IT services, analytical services, contract synthesis etc. Further there is excellent access to the expertise at the University institutions and at many other smaller biotech companies should the need arise.

TdB laboratories are specialised in dealing with polysaccharides and their derivatives and have all necessary equipment for synthesis and purification up to 22 kg scale. In addition, the measurement of fluorescent properties requires specialised equipment.

In need of an expert on
dextran derivatives?

Let TdB Labs’ products and services help you achieve your research goals.




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