Dextran and other polysaccharide derivatives

Premium Quality Dextran Derivatives

Looking for a specialist in polysaccharides? TdB Labs develops, produces and analyses dextran derivatives and other polysaccharides for a wide variety of applications within life science.

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Our products are used over a broad range of applications worldwide. They are valuable in certain biological manufacturing processes, as tracers in permeability studies and other diagnostic tests. The adhesive properties of lipophilic dextrans also provide novel applications. What is your expert area and how can we help you stay cutting-edge?

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Dextran specialists since 1991

About the Company

TdB Labs was founded by the dextran pioneer Tony de Belder in 1991. We are specialised in the development and manufacturing of dextran derivatives and other polysaccharides.

The company offers fluorescent derivatives with FITC, TRITC, ATTO™-dyes and our proprietary Antonia Red™-dye. Our non-fluorescent derivatives include different variants of dextran sulfate, including dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) for colitis. We also offer a series of analyses specific to charged and uncharged dextran and polysaccharide derivatives, such as molecular weight determination by gel permeation chromatography.

Svensk Certifiering ISO 9001

We are ISO 9001 certified since August 2015.

Successful dextran research

Customer case

“TdB Labs helped us develop a customised product of a specific molecular weight with a high-level purity according to our own specification. Thanks to the efforts from the team at TdB Labs, this product is now a key ingredient in one of our CE-marked products which are used to prevent adhesions after spinal surgery.”

European Medical Contract Manufacturing

Gert Wentzel
Managing Director. European Medical Contract Manufacturing B.V (EMCM), The Netherlands

In need of an expert on
dextran derivatives?

TdB Labs produces and analyses derivatives of dextran and other polysaccharides for a wide variety of applications within life science.




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