Customised products

An important part of our company comprises the development and production of customised products. This entails not only chemical synthesis but also quality control aspects including specifications, analytical methods, SDS, biological assays and stability.

You are welcome to contact us for free preliminary discussions. The laboratory has over 40 years’ experience in the development of dextran derivatives and other polysaccharides. We are able to produce customised products in the scale of mg to kg.

A customised product can for example be a polysaccharide with a certain molecular weight or degree of substitution which cannot be found within our standard product range. It can also be products of higher purity than technical grade and more.

Polysaccharide products based on the needs of our customers.

Have a look at our customer specific products (CSPs) and don’t hesitate contacting us in case you are interested in a new customized product.

Antonia Red™ -CM-dextran

ATTO647n-dextran 2000

Blue Dextran 3

Reactive Blue Dextran 2000

Reactive Blue (stand-alone dye)

Carboxydextran 10

CM-DEAE-dextran 20

CM-dextran (high COOH-content)




Dextran Amine 500

Dextran Sulfate HMW

Dextran Sulfate 2000

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