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Collaborator cases

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This spring, I had the opportunity to try out a newly launched pH probe from TdB Labs called FARD20. FARD20 is composed of a dextran molecule with two attached fluorophores: Antonia RedTM, which remains static and FITC, which changes as a function of pH. This gives the FARD molecule a unique fluorescent fingerprint, mapping directly to pH. FARD20 seemed like a great match for many Labbot applications since it unlocks pH readouts in samples where pH electrodes cannot be used, such as the interior of cells, samples that are incompatible with electrode surfaces, or samples with very small volumes.

Conversely, the high precision titration system and full spectrum fluorescent readouts of Labbot made FARD20 very easy to work with, and we could get some very nice titration data almost out of the box. We are always excited when we find systems that complement the Labbot instrument and extend the range of experiments our users can perform. We look forward to our continued exchange of knowledge with TdB Labs to help them achieve the best possible science“.


Mattias Törnquist
Application Specialist, Labbot, Sweden

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“Our collective group has been involved in developing renal, intravital, 2-Photon imaging since the late 90’s. Throughout the course of this development we have used numerous fluorescent compounds to assess function and investigate morphology. Dextrans of various molecular weights have been employed to study physiologic processes such as fluid phase endocytosis, RBC flow/vascular perfusion, and barrier permeability in the renal vasculature to name a few. In the latter, it is crucial to start with compounds that are narrowly dispersed because dextrans and polysucroses with a broad size distribution will produce permeability values that are time dependent; particularly in injury and disease states. TdB has consistently provided us with compounds of exceptional size characteristics with which to conduct our studies. When I was approached by Charlotte and Tony to help them develop newer probes better suited for intravtial imaging I was delighted to accept. Their larger MW products in particular have proven crucial in correctly interpreting permeability data and will be a great benefit to this burgeoning and growing field.”

Ruben M Sandoval
Research Associate at Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

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TdB Labs are proud to announce that we are now selling products labeled with fluorescent dyes from ATTO-TEC.

Customer cases

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“As a CDMO specialized in Biologics and Advanced Therapies, we approached TdB Labs AB to obtain their Dextran sulfate 8HS Pharma grade product as we planned to use it in different upstream processes (USP) for culturing cells. We found the product from TdB Labs to be of utmost quality that has facilitated various projects, thereby enabling us to serve diverse customers. At the same time, we greatly appreciate the technical support provided by them during the entire process.

Dr. Markus Laukel
VP Manufacturing, ProBioGen AG, Germany

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Within the collaborations of Farco Pharma, Purenum GmbH and Klosterfrau Berlin as a production site, we have successfully transferred the innovative sterile medical device mediNiK®. This product is used for the removal of kidney stones and stone fragments, and it contains Blue dextran from TdB Labs that allows us to distinguish clearly and safely between the medical device and the surrounding mucosa. The collaboration with TdB Labs for manufacturing a customized product has been very professional. Timelines were met with high standards even when Blue dextran was needed in large quantities.

Dr. Cathrin Zeppek
Head of Manufacturing Science & Technology Transfer, Klosterfrau Berlin GmbH, Germany

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“TdB Labs is a reliable partner for providing high quality and pharma grade raw materials. With their products, denovoMATRIX is able to serve its customers with chemically defined and consistent products for cell culture application. Furthermore, denovoMATRIX highly appreciates TdB Lab’s support as well as customized solutions, which facilitate RnD projects and shorten product development cycles.”

Dr. Richard Wetzel
Managing Partner, denovoMATRIX GmbH, Germany

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”TdB Labs helped us develop a customised product of a specific molecular weight with a high-level purity according to our own specification. Thanks to the efforts from the team at TdB Labs, this product is now a key ingredient in one of our CE-marked products which are used to prevent adhesions after spinal surgery.”

Gert Wentzel
Managing Director, European Medical Contract Manufacturing B.V (EMCM), The Netherlands

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“TdB Labs has provided us with expert analytical service. They were able to assist us with molecular weight determination for release and stability GPC testing according to GMP requirements. The efforts and support from TdB labs were a key component in reaching regulatory approval.”

Dr. Leighton Jones
Director of PD & Clinical Supply, Norgine B.V, UK

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“TdB Labs has provided us with expert analytical services in our developmental program. Their efforts and support were key components in the characterization and understanding of our manufacturing process and products. Through our collaboration with TdB Labs we have been able to confirm the consistency of, and control over, our manufacturing process.”

David Casebier
Vice President of CMC, Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, USA

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“From 1990 to 2005, Dr. Tony de Belder was employed as consultant to Pharmacia Biotech (today GE Healthcare Life Science, Uppsala, Sweden) as an expert on chemistry and applications of dextran and its derivatives. He helped to support many customers in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries throughout the world. His competetence and expertise contributed invaluably to the promotional material from the company. In my position as Director of Marketing, it was a great pleasute to work together with Dr. de Belder and to count the many marketing successes that resulted.”

Rune Andersson
Former Director, GE Healthcare, Uppsala, Sweden

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“AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has had a collaboration with TdB Consultancy extending over 15 years. Throughout this period, TdB Labs has provided valuable support to our projects and this contribution has been professional and prompt.”

Jerome Lewis
Director, AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc, Boston, USA

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“TdB Labs has been an exceptional development partner for our company. Time and time again, they have exhibited a mastery of carbohydrate chemistry that has allowed us to overcome difficult development tasks with both cost and time efficiency.”

Jim Strickland
Founder and President, FAST BioMedical, Indianapolis, USA

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