Art by Ruben M Sandoval

Case with Ruben M Sandoval

These images by Ruben M Sandoval are called tessellations created by forming seamless mirror images stitched together in a repetitive pattern. By selecting regions within these early iterations and repeating the process, more complex and visually appealing patterns emerge.

Art by Ruben M Sandoval

This particular tessellation is a three-dimensional reconstruction of a TdB 150kDa rhodamine carboxymethyl dextran circulating within the peritubular vasculature and surface glomeruli of a Munich Wistar rat imaged using intravital 2-Photon microscopy. The dextran (shown in red) circulating within the plasma is excluded from circulating Red Blood Cells causing them to appear as black streaks. The capillary loops within the glomeruli appear as complex convoluted vessels while the peritubular vasculature has a more simple curvature. The proximal tubule (having a punctate, white autofluorescence) and the distal tubules (appearing dull blue-green) are seen surrounded by the vasculature. Collagen autofluorescence around the glomeruli appear as faint purple fibers around the capillary loops.






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