About the company


TdB Labs AB is a family owned Swedish biotech company. We are specialised in the development and manufacturing of dextran derivatives and other polysaccharides. We offer fluorescent derivatives with FITC, TRITC, ATTO™-dyes and our proprietary Antonia Red™-dye. Our non-fluorescent derivatives include e.g. different variants of dextran sulfate, including dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) for colitis.

Thanks to our capability to offer customised polysaccharides, TdB Labs can offer products that cannot be found anywhere else. Making customised products entails not only chemical synthesis but also extensive quality control aspects as well as technical documentation.
Our products are employed widely in Life Sciences ranging from permeability studies, cell preservation and animal studies to applications in processing of clinical products. Our polysaccharide derivatives can also be used in diagnostic kits and as molecular markers.

With our analytical service, we provide a comprehensive service along with technical support. We offer a series of analyses specific to charged and uncharged polysaccharides. This includes molecular weight determination using gel permeation chromatography (GPC), also called size exclusion chromatography (SEC).


In 2015 TdB Labs became ISO 9001 certified.


TdB Labs AB is situated in Ultuna, 6km south of Uppsala and 30min from Arlanda. Ultuna is the main campus for the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and is also the host for many life science companies. Further, our close proximity to Uppsala University also enables us to have excellent access to various expertise at both the Universities and at many other smaller Biotech companies should the need arise.

Business idea and vison

TdB Labs is a result of more than 50 years of experience of polysaccharides. Our business strategy is to continuously develop our competence in the field of polysaccharide chemistry for commercial use and attract customers world-wide seeking our knowledge in order to succeed with their projects. Our work is characterized by high professional standard, teamwork, close collaboration with customers and a flexible and effective service. Our vision is to be a company providing world-class polysaccharide products and services that enable our customers to succeed with their projects.

Company values

Our company values are the basis and guidelines in everything we say and do!



‒We do our utmost to solve tasks and challenges by being creative and adaptable



‒We treat colleagues, partners and customers with consideration and politeness

‒We respect our planet by working on sustainability



‒We take great pride in being answerable for our actions and performing tasks to the satisfaction of ourselves and customers, in all situations



‒We make every attempt to supply the customer with what they need

‒We are professional in our actions

‒We deliver high quality products and services

‒Superior service is obvious for us



‒To aid research in life science and to improve processes



‒We take pride in our legacy of having more than 50 years of experience in polysaccharides






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