Our Legacy

TdB Labs was founded by the dextran pioneer Dr. Tony de Belder in 1991. Before the company was started, Tony had a long career working in the department of research and development at Pharmacia, Uppsala.

Tony och Charlotte

When TdB Labs was founded, the company was first mostly a consultancy enterprise and was therefore called TdB Consultancy. Products for research and development in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and biotech were introduced as the company grew. About 40 years ago, TdB Labs was involved in developing a dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) for inducing colitis, which has proved an invaluable tool for studying the causes and treatment of inflammation in the gut.

In 2009, TdB Labs moved to new premises in Uppsala Business Park and begun a period of expansion. At that time, Tony’s’ daughter Charlotte de Belder Tesséus, took over the role as CEO. In 2019, the company changed name from TdB Consultancy to TdB Labs.

Tony de Belder

Director, Scientific Consultant

Tony received his B.Sc. from University College London and thereafter continued on a PhD programme involving carbohydrate derivatives of ferrocene. After a series of post-docs. (Royal Holloway College, Univ. of London and Träforsknings Institute in Stockholm), he then began a long career in R&D at Pharmacia, Uppsala in a department devoted to applications of polysaccharides and their derivatives as pharmaceuticals. The research was mostly directed on dextran and dextran derivatives. This work naturally involved not only chemistry but also intimate contact with quality assurance and quality control, pharmacological and formulation issues including stability and bioassays.

In 1991, Tony started a consultancy company and began to market a limited range of products for research, in particular a special dextran sulfate fraction (now known as DSS) for research on ulcerous colitis. As a consultant, he worked extensively for Amersham Biosciences developing new dextran products and documentation. During this time he also helped major pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech organisations in Sweden and abroad on diverse projects mostly involving dextran.

In 2009, the company moved to new premises in Uppsala Business Park and begun a period of expansion.

Tony was a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and has contributed extensively to scientific journals, reviews and encyclopedias on many aspects of carbohydrates but mostly dextran related topics. A selection of these publications is given below.


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