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“I am deeply grateful to Charlotte for offering me a fantastic three-month internship at TdB Labs AB, a company full of talented and warm-hearted people. This was my first experience in the professional world, and I couldn’t have asked for a better supervisor than Raffaello. Kind and friendly, he was always attentive and available to support me. I had the opportunity to learn a great deal from him through the R&D project he entrusted me with. I would also like to thank Valentina and Nada for their encouragement and cheerful spirit within the QC lab. Although my preference in chemistry leans towards production, I had a wonderful time in this laboratory, and I won’t soon forget all the laughter we shared. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere at TdB Labs made me feel like part of a family right away. I greatly enjoyed the time spent with Partha, Gabriela, Karam, Jiajie, and Sebastian during fika and after-work events. I am convinced that this company has immense potential, and I wish them the best. I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future. Oh, I forgot to mention I didn’t know about fika before working here, but what a brilliant invention it is! Tack så mycket TdB Labs AB.

Leonardo Cruz Santos, Masters in Chemistry.
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium

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‘’I feel extremely happy and lucky to join such a great team at TdB Labs during my internship. It is a work environment that I had always wished for! Since the time I met Charlotte who gave me the opportunity to join the team, it was clear how nice and a great leader she is for the team. I felt like home with everyone working at TdB Labs just after a few weeks of my internship. I am really enjoying my training here, where Valentina has always been a great mentor who helped me a lot during my time in the QC lab. Other than science and labwork, I have spent a very nice and friendly time with Gabriela, Kinjal, Partha, Raffaello and Jiajie during fika and after-work, and I wish each one of them ‘All the Best’ in their lives’’.

Nada, Master in Protein Science.
Lund University, Lund (Sweden)

‘’I am extremely happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of ‘TdB Labs AB’ during my summer internship. Charlotte had a quick response and open-mindedness when I contacted her. I am quite thankful to her for giving me a chance to pursue internship for 2 months at her company. The best supervisor which anyone could have, is the science enthusiast; Raffaello. He gave me an interesting project in R&D where I had to synthesize and analyze fluorescent dextran derivatives. Valentina is the best mentor in the analytical laboratory, who even helped me to perform an analysis over a video call. Tack så mycket TdB Labs AB for making my learning process extremely smooth and enjoyable, where I even made a close connection with the fantastic team over fika. I wish them ‘Good Luck’ in their journey ahead and hope that I can get a chance to come back and work again with them’’.

Alise Kirilova, BSc.
Daugavpils University, Dept. of Science, Latvia






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