TdB internships

‘’I am extremely happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of ‘TdB Labs AB’ during my summer internship. Charlotte had a quick response and open-mindedness when I contacted her. I am quite thankful to her for giving me a chance to pursue internship for 2 months at her company. The best supervisor which anyone could have, is the science enthusiast; Raffaello. He gave me an interesting project in R&D where I had to synthesize and analyze fluorescent dextran derivatives. Valentina is the best mentor in the analytical laboratory, who even helped me to perform an analysis over a video call. Tack så mycket TdB Labs AB for making my learning process extremely smooth and enjoyable, where I even made a close connection with the fantastic team over fika. I wish them ‘Good Luck’ in their journey ahead and hope that I can get a chance to come back and work again with them!’’

Alise Kirilova, BSc.
Daugavpils University, Dept. of Science, Latvia




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