NEW PRODUCTS! TdB Labs are launching the stand-alone dyes: FITC: FITC and Cibacron blue 3G-A

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Today TdB Labs are launching a new set of stand-alone dyes; FITC (Fluorescein isothiocyanate) and Cibacron blue 3G-A

FITC (isomer 1) is a fluorescent dye with wide applications. This includes conjugation to polysaccharides proteins and other molecules.


Cibacron blue 3G-A anthraquinone dye often use din affinity chromatography.

Our offer includes:

Flexibility – Our dyes can easily be conjugated to polysaccharides, proteins (e.g. antibodies) or other molecules. The dyes can be purchased in small or large quantities (bulk).  Synthesis can be performed at any scale.

Quality – FITC and Cibacron blue 3G-A are the high-quality dyes the we use in the synthesis of our own FITC-labeled products and blue dextrans.

Special introductory price – Launching discount for a limited time period.

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