Our Scientist as an Editor!

Recently, one of our Senior Research Scientists Dr. Raffaello Papadakis served as an editor of a scientific book that has now been published. You can view the book here, where you can read a lot about fluorescence imaging and its various applications. Following is what Raffaello had to say upon being questioned about the book and his decision to edit it:

’Fluorescence Imaging: Recent Advances and Applications is a book that I chose to edit because of my profound interest in the field of fluorescence imaging. The development of novel fluorescent labels and microscopy techniques has rendered fluorescence imaging highly useful in scientific applications ranging from biology, biomedicine, including material science and environmental research. The book provides a comprehensive overview of recent advances in fluorescence imaging and its applications, including the use of fluorescent dextran in renal intravital microscopy, excitation-emission matrix fluorescence in the wastewater field, and optical chemo sensors for detecting and imaging metal ions in biosystems. I believe that this book will be an invaluable resource for researchers, students, and professionals in the field of fluorescence imaging. I am delighted to see this book published’’.


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