NEW PRODUCTS! TdB Labs AB is launching Eosin Y fluorescent derivatives

Today, TdB Labs AB is launching a new set of Eosin Y-derivatives;

Eosin-Y-dextran 10 (EYD10)
Eosin-Y-lysine-dextran 500 (EYLD500)

TdB Labs AB has now stepped into manufacturing dextran and lysine-dextran labeled with a new fluorophore Eosin Y, a well-known dye that is being used in cell and tissue imaging. We have used the same standard and expertise to manufacture Eosin-Y-dextran of 10kDa and Eosin-Y-lysine-dextran of 500kDa. Both the products can be detected by standard light microscopy since Eosin Y has traditionally been used for staining cells and tissues, and at the same time using fluorescence microscopy as Eosin is also fluorescent. Due to the pH responsive behavior of Eosin Y fluoresence, these products could be widely used as fluorescent pH indicators where the decrease in fluorescence is observed when the pH decreases from 9 to 1.  Other applications include their use in histological studies, cell permeability studies, and drug delivery.

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