NEW PRODUCT! TdB Labs is launching a new stand-alone dye: TRITC

TRITC (5- and 6-isothiocyanate isomers) is a prominent member of the family of rhodamine dyes. It exhibits an excitation maximum at λ = 560 nm and emission maximum at approximately λ = 590 nm with bright orange fluorescence (values determined in DMSO solutions). TRITC is an indispensable fluorescent labeling agent and has a wide number of applications, such as in cell imaging, drug delivery, and studies involving permeability and microcirculation.

Our offer includes:

  • Multi-functional – Our dyes can be easily conjugated to polysaccharides, proteins (eg. antibodies) or other molecules. Synthesis can be performed at any scale.
  • High Quality – TRITC is a high-quality dye that we use in the synthesis of our own TRITC-labeled dextran products
  • Ease of use – TRITC is readily soluble in polar organic solvents such as DMSO, acetone, etc. It is considerably stable both in solution and in the solid state. It can be used in reactions allowing for the fluorescent labelling of a variety of substrates under relatively mild conditions.
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