We are scaling up at Testa Center!

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As the demand for our products is rising above our expectations, we have decided that it is time to scale up our manufacturing. Our products are research-intensive and the protocols are precise, which makes upscaling an interesting challenge. This is why we are now happy to announce that we will run an upscaling project at Testa Center, which is an innovation test bed for biology and technology for production of biological products.

Testa center is owned by Cytiva (former GE Healthcare) and is a major initiative between the Swedish government and Cytiva to secure the growth of life science industry and its manufacturing capabilities.

This project aims at substantially increasing our production capacity for some of the key products from our portfolio without compromising the quality of our protocols and the unique know-how. During our project at Testa Center we will have access to both latest equipment and experts from Cytiva to go successfully from our current scale to bigger industrial scale of our manufacturing processes.

This is the opportunity we were looking very much forward to and we are so eager to start!

More news on this are coming soon.

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