Exploring the Versatile World of Blue Dextran

TdB Labs stands at the forefront, offering an exceptional range of Blue dextran products, renowned for their quality and adaptability across a spectrum of molecular weights, from 5 kDa to 2000 kDa. Our Blue dextran is synthesized from specific dextran fractions by reacting with Cibacron blue F3GA, followed by a strict purification process to remove any unbound dye from the product, thereby ensuring its utmost quality. Our Blue dextran’s formulation guarantees over six years of stability when stored in dry, well-sealed containers at ambient temperature. Further, its solubility in water enhances its usability across various applications, ensuring ease of use for researchers.

Beyond its traditional uses in chromatography and research, Blue dextran’s versatility shines in industrial contexts and clinical settings. A notable industrial application comes from one of our customers who uses Blue dextran to verify the molecular cut-off for industrial membranes and to detect leaks in returned membrane modules. This practical application extends to expos, conferences, and workshops, where Blue dextran offers a visual and user-friendly way to showcase membrane solutions. In clinical environments, Blue dextran is utilized for labeling clinical hydrogels or adhesives, facilitating the study and improvement of these materials in medical applications. Its ease of handling and the simplicity of system cleaning post-demonstration underscore its value in both technical and customer-facing scenarios.

Recognizing the diverse applications of Blue dextran, we extend the opportunity for customized product development. Researchers unable to find their exact requirements within the existing range can collaborate with us for tailor-made solutions, ensuring that their specific research needs are met with precision. TdB Labs is thus poised to support diverse scientific inquiries and industrial needs, fostering innovation and efficiency across fields.

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