Exploring the Versatility of Genaxxon’s L-Fucose: A Vital Monosaccharide

L-Fucose, also known by its chemical name 6-Deoxy-L-galactose (CAS 2438-80-4), is a unique and essential monosaccharide that has garnered significant interest in various scientific and industrial fields. This six-carbon deoxy sugar is an integral part of many biological processes and is found in a variety of organisms, ranging from bacteria to humans. Its distinctive properties and functional versatility make it a valuable component in research and biopharmaceutical applications.

Understanding L-Fucose

L-Fucose is a naturally occurring monosaccharide that is a constituent of glycoproteins and glycolipids in humans and other organisms. Unlike most other common sugars, L-fucose lacks a hydroxyl group on the carbon-6 position, which contributes to its unique biological roles. This sugar is typically found in the form of fucosylated glycans, which play crucial roles in cell-cell interaction, signal transduction, and immune responses.

Applications of L-Fucose

The utility of L-Fucose spans various scientific disciplines and industries. Below are some key applications of this versatile monosaccharide:

  • Studies of Fucoidan Polysaccharide Containing Glycans
  • Enzyme Characterization
  • Research on Bacterial Microcompartments
  • Rare Sugar Identification and Analysis
  • Biopharmaceutical Industry: Monoclonal Antibody Production
  • L-Fucose is used for the treatment of CDG-IIc.

Why Choose Genaxxon’s L-Fucose?

– High Purity

L-Fucose is produced with stringent quality controls to ensure maximum purity, which is critical for both research and industrial applications.

– Custom Packaging

Different projects have unique requirements. Therefore, L-Fucose is offered in customized package sizes to accommodate specific needs of customers, from small-scale laboratory research to large-scale industrial production.

– Expert Technical Support

A dedicated team of experts is available to assist the customer with any questions or technical challenges, thereby ensuring exceptional customer service and technical support.


L-Fucose is a versatile and essential monosaccharide with wide-ranging applications in scientific research and the biopharmaceutical industry. Its unique properties and critical roles in various biological processes make it an invaluable tool for researchers and industry professionals alike. By offering high-quality L-Fucose in customized package sizes, Genaxxon aims to support your innovative endeavors and contribute to advancements in science and medicine.

To discuss specific needs and receive more information on L-Fucose products to help you unlock the full potential of this remarkable sugar in your work, please visit their product page and contact them today (info@genaxxon.com).






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