Our expert article on DS5 in Separation Science

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Did you know that Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt of low molecular weight (1-10 kDa) is used in cell culture media?

We at TdB Labs are happy to announce that today our expert article on Dextran sulfate 5 was published in Separation Science – a renown scientific analytical information portal. The article touches upon some of the application areas of low molecular weight Dextran Sulfates and reveals key properties of these dextran derivatives that are increasingly relevant for cell- and tissue in vitro studies and medicinal product development.

Read full article here and tell us what you think.


More applications for Dextran suflate 5

Do you have a publication involving DS5 that is not mentioned here? Do you work on a project exploiting other areas of use than mentioned in our article?

Let us know today!

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