Dextran sulfates

About dextran sulfates

Dextran sulfate is an anionic derivative of dextran produced by sulfation of selected dextran fractions. Dextran is a polysaccharide derived from the bacterium Leuconostoc mesenteroides B512F and consists of an α-D-(1 – 6) linear glucan with a low content (ca. 5%) of sidechains linked to the 3-carbon of glucose. We now supply two series of dextran sulfates; one series with high sulfate content (16-20% sulfur) and another series with lower sulfate content (8-13% sulfur).

TdB Labs produce dextran sulfates with a mean molecular weight ranging from 5 kDa to 2000 kDa.

All our dextran sulfates are manufactured by the same process which gives pure white products.



High sulfate dextran

CAS Number: 9011-18-1

The degree of sulfatation of our high sulfated dextran sulfates lies between 16 to 20 %. We produce high sulfated dextran sulfates from 5 kDa to 2000 kDa.

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Low sulfate dextran

CAS Number: 9011-18-1

The sulfate content of our low sulfated dextran sulfates lies between 8 to 13 %. TdB Labs produce low sulfated dextran sulfates from 5 kDa to 500 kDa.

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Dextran sulfates have a wide range of applications areas and properties. Some examples are:

  • Anti-coagulation agent in cell media
  • Selective precipitation of lipoproteins
  • Acceleration of DNA hybridisation.
  • Releasing DNA from DNA-histones complexes
  • Inhibition tRNA-binding to ribosomes
  • Inhibition of ribonucleases
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Used in cosmetics for anti-inflammation properties and osmotic retention of water
  • Separation of microorganisms and macromolecules
  • Adjuvant in vaccines
  • Studies of perm selectivity of membranes

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