Q-dextran is a polycationic derivative of dextran. These derivatives are distinct from DEAE-dextrans in that they only contain quaternary amine groups. Unlike DEAE-dextrans, Q-dextrans will be charged over a wide range of pH (pH 4-10). Q-dextrans will also have a much stronger net charge than corresponding DEAE-dextrans. All batches are checked for molecular weight, degree of substitution and loss on drying. TdB Labs produce Q-dextran from 4 kDa to 150 kDa. Q-dextrans are supplied as a white powder.

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Q-dextrans are synthesised by reacting dextran fractions with 2,3-epoxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride. The nitrogen content is approximately 2% which corresponds to one quaternary ammonium group for every four glucose units.

Storage and stability
Q-dextran is stable for more than 6 years when stored dry in well-sealed containers at ambient temperature.

Q-dextran dissolves readily in water.

Polycationic products exhibit a wide variety of effects in cellular systems and are of interest as adjuvants in vaccines. Q-dextran has a much stronger net charge than corresponding DEAE-dextrans and will thus give enhanced responses in systems where this effect is important. Read more about application here.


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