Phenyl-dextran is also known as Phenoxy dextran, DexP, phenoxy-derivatized dextran or 1-Phenoxy-2-hydroxypropyl dextran. Phenyl-dextrans may be used in the preparation of hydrophobic gels and hydrophobic coatings. After purification, the products are controlled for solubility, mean molecular weight, degree of substitution, and loss on drying.

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Phenyl-dextrans are synthesised from selected controlled dextran fractions, derived from Leuconostoc mesenteroides B512F, by reacting with an appropriate epoxide. The phenyl content ranges from 0.34 to 0.4. The phenyl content expressed as w/w is around 22%.

Storage and stability
Phenyl-dextran is stable for more than 6 years when stored dry in well-sealed containers at ambient temperature.

Phenyl-dextran dissolves readily in water. The product is water soluble at low concentrations but requires prolonged stirring. At higher concentrations the phenyl dextran will aggregate giving the solution an opaque appearance.

Several applications of phenyl-dextran have appeared in patents. The essential property of phenyl-dextran is its potential for coating plastic and related surfaces to impart a more hydrophilic character. This property has proved of value in many diagnostic devices. Read more about application here.

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