We are thrilled to announce Afirmus Biosource as our new distributor in South-East Asia covering Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, ...

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We are excited to announce Shanghai Bioleaf Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as our newest distributor in the Chinese market!

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With immense pride, we announce the launch of our new production facility 'TONY'!

Watch the film to learn more about TdB Labs AB!

We are deeply honored and filled with pride as we announce the receipt of ''Small Business of the Year'' award!

Today, TdB Labs AB is launching a new set of pH probes; FITC-TRITC-dextran (FTD) 500 FITC-AR-dextran (...

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We are hiring! TdB Labs is now looking for a ‘Sales Manager’ to join our team. We are reviewing applications ...

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